Friday, August 31, 2018


I visited our CC Veterans Memorial Park today and made some pictures to share with all my face book friends and my family! I am so grateful for our beautiful $1,000,000 Park and all our precious, patriotic men who served our country and kept us free! God bless our Troops and Veterans!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Hope that you have next Monday evening reserved for a very important meeting of our Association.  We have lots going on that needs some planning and lots happening that we all need to "be on board with!"

A national WWI Centennial "Ringing of the Bells" program that we plan to lead for West GA.
A new First Responder's Memorial being planned ADJACENT to our Park.
A Public Safety Recognition and Memorial Service being held at our Park.
The Military Officers Association of America will be holding a memorial service at our Park.
We have marble coming for walls 28-29.
Our pool is broken --- And being fixed.
We have to do some sprucing up for all this activity.

Call a member that hasn't been attending meetings and urge their participation, Please!

Violette -- How about an email to the "blast list" and maybe a blog urging attendance?

The folks on this email truly MAKE IT HAPPEN!  I hope that you take time to stand in the Park alone,
soak in it's reverence and beauty and truly feel the pride that you deserve in having made it what it is!

For all past, present and future Veterans of Carroll County  -  I thank you!

Don Levans

Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park
Association Meeting AGENDA
 Monday August 27, 2018
Meeting called to order - Don Levans

Pledge to the Flag

Prayer - Chaplain Boswell

Welcome - Don Levans

Minutes - Joe Harrod

Treasurer - Rebecca Smith 

Membership - Gail Liggett
Presidents Report - First Responder Memorial update
                                     Ringing of the Bells “The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month”
Brief Reports from Committee Chairs:

Credentials   Charles Griffin - New marble delivery – Committee Reorganization
                                                   Update on plaques

Public Relations - Dale Robinson - Plans for First Responders - Veterans Day – Ringing of the Bells

Web Coordinator - Don Castamore –

Events - Barry Gardner - First Responder Recognition and Memorial Service
                                         MOAA Convention interface
     Plans set for Veterans Day Saturday 11/10

Grounds - Ron Reinhold - Pool Problems
                   UWG Student Volunteers Friday 9/7

Veteran Organizations - Chuck Feaselman

CCVMP Blog - Violette Denney ---  (then click on News/Blog) 
Good of the Association