Friday, August 26, 2016


"As a part of the Purple Heart Ride fundraiser, we had hoped to have a Purple Heart Flag flying at CCVMP.  Turned out that that flag is not all that easy to obtain and we have just gotten it installed.  Our friends in McDaniel Curtis SCV Camp built and installed the two new flag poles adjacent to our POW/MIA monument.  This is a great addition to the park!  The flags are very visible from Newnan Road and from the front entrance they call attention to the POW/MIA monument.

Don (Levans)"

Monday, August 15, 2016


Thank you Carroll EMC Round-Up Members.  Your contributions each month help us honor all veterans and keeps our Park looking great!  Pictured with Don Levans is EMC Round-Up coordinator Sherrie Mobley at the presentation ceremony.

Hey CCVMP Workers

Attached is a picture of CCVMP receiving a wonderful check from Carroll EMC RoundUP program in the amount of $2,600.  It could not have come at a better time.  We are NOT out of money but it is true that our reserves ARE at an uncomfortable low.

By the way, if you use EMC for your power source please make sure that you are participating the RoundUP program --- Those penne's handed out about $125,000 to non-profits in West GA last Thursday afternoon.


Friday, August 12, 2016


Since our Abraham Baldwin Chapter is a Commemorative Partner with the Vietnam War Commemoration for the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War and our chapter is a member of the CCVMP, I visited the Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park and made pictures of the Park to share with every one - Park entrance, Killed-in-Action Wall, MIA/POW Wall.  I especially wanted to recognize the KIA from the Vietnam War from Carroll County – listed on our polished black granite Wall of Honor. 
During the Vietnam War years there was a great deal of unrest in our country.  We listened to the reports of battles occurring, our young soldiers dying, people demonstrating against it, and many young men avoiding the draft by going to Canada.  The men and women who served our country were oftentimes treated poorly.  They saw friends give their lives for this nation, and it was sometimes not fully appreciated.  Some of these veterans have not forgotten that treatment and it has affected their lives in many ways.  Participating in the Vietnam Commemoration gives us a chance to help heal these emotional wounds and thank them for their service.  We want to give these brave men and women the respect and honor they deserve.  We want them to know that we are a part of this grateful nations who appreciates them!
The Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park is located at 1050 Newnan Road, Carrollton, GA and it is open 24/7 – there are benches throughout the park for visitors to sit and remember their loved ones. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Above (Attached) is a "picture of the picture" in the Times-Georgian this morning of
the riders gathered at CCVMP on last Sunday morning ---- Those who participated
had a great experience --- Margret and her team did a good job in planning
and administering the event ---- Even fed them a super meal at the
end of the ride at the Tallapoosa Memorial Park ---- Many said they hoped we
would "do it again" ----

Chuck Mulvey (of SCV Camp 165) has constructed two new
flag poles, now we just need to "plant them" beside the POW/MIA memorial
and CCVMP will have a permanent Purple Heart "fixture" -- Plus an improved
POW/MIA memorial.   Does anyone have a post hole digger and a little time?

FINALLY ---- Charles received yesterday the FINAL proof for the stencil for Wall 25
AND Sammy is "chomping at the bit" to get the sandblasting done.   The Revolution
Presence will also be in the "blasting".


Friday, June 17, 2016



Chronicle Productions recently made a wonderful and complex video of
our beautiful CCVMP --- I thought that you needed to see it --- just click
on the blue letters below


Sunday, June 12, 2016


Abraham Baldwin Chapter Regent Alice Robinson opened the ceremony by welcoming everyone.
Abraham Baldwin Chapter Chaplain Evalyn Parrish led the ceremony opening prayer.

Saturday, June 11, 2016


DAR Regent Alice Robinson welcomed those gathered on the solemn occasion for the retirement of an unservicable flag.  A flag that was worn out in worthy service and no longer is a dignified tribute to symbolize our great country.  An opening prayer was offered by DAR Chaplain Evalyn Parrish.  She included the colors in her prayer and stated that White signifies purity and innocence, Red is for hardiness and valor, and Blue signifies vigilance, perseverance and Justice.  DAR 1st Vice Regent Tina Clune led the Pledge of Allegiance.  

Park President Don Levans welcomed everyone to the Park and gave a brief history of our “Million Dollar Park” including the new expansion of six additional Walls of Honor. 

Casimir Pulaski Chapter President George Wheeless explained about USA FLAG DAY and when it was made a Nationally Recognized Day by President Harry Truman.  

American Legion Chaplain Larry Boswell narrated the ceremony.  The current flag’s 13 stripes are equal in size and the colors alternate between red and white.  The 50 stars appear in a blue rectangle located in the flag’s canton, or union.  

The old warn flag was lowered and taken down from its position over the Park.  Since it no longer is in good condition, it should not be displayed as our National Symbol.  

Two boy scouts escorted by members of the American Legion Honor Guard delivered the old flag to the Regent of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Alice Robinson, to be retired properly.  The USA Flag is carried by Michael Conley and Charlie Robinson.

Members of the Abraham Baldwin chapter NSDAR received the old flag and proceeded to cut it apart one stripe at a time as the narrator explained each step.  The first stripe was for the Virginia Colony followed by New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

As the old flag was being displayed the honor guard took their position.

Larry Boswell told which of the original colonies each stripe represented as it was being separated from the old flag.

Pictured with the flag (from the left) are Wanda Maddox, Tina Clune, Violette Denney, Evalyn Parrish, and Martha Stapler.

Each stripe was presented by Violette Denney to SAR member Bob Hilliard who after saluting the flag delivered it to Ronald Pate and he placed it in the burn pit.

Each piece of the flag as it was being retired received the proper salute from all those involved.

Ronald Pate placed each piece in the fire to make sure it was fittingly destroyed.

The American Legion Honor Guard watched to make sure the flag was handled properly.

DAR Chapter Honorary Regent Violette Denney was selected to cut the old flag during the ceremony.

Bob Hilliard delivered each piece to Ronald Pate as it was cut away from the old worn flag.

The final piece – the blue field of stars – is never cut.  The entire section is burned last.

Ronald Pate places the Field of Stars in the burn pit.

American Legion Honor Guard members Ronald Knowles and Ted Merriss stand by during the entire ceremony.

Chaplain Larry Boswell gives his final remarks.

DAR Regent Alice Robinson delivers the new USA Flag to the Honor Guard to be raised over the Park.  

The Honor Guard takes the new flag to the flag pole in the center of the Park.

The American Legion Honor Guard fires their rifles to salute the New USA Flag.

The new flag is prepared to be raised over the Park.  The rifle team are for left to right Clyde West, Joe Harrod and Bobby Laney.  Dale Robinson is in the background.

The new flag is being raised to the proper position

Old Glory is proudly in place over the Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park.

Tim Bass is the Bugler and he performed during the ceremony.

Casimir Pulaski Chapter Chaplain Bob Claxton pronounces the benediction.

Before the program began DAR Chaplain Evalyn Parrish visits with the Boy Scouts.
Pictured l. to r. are Evalyn Parrish, Michael Conley, Mr. Conley, and Charlie Robinson.

The “Welcome to Carrollton” sign at the round-a-bout marks the place to turn to enter the Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park, 1050 Newnan Road, Carrollton, Georgia.