Saturday, May 13, 2017


Don Levans said, "Wendell Furr took sample scraping from the ole paint and had it matched from the bottom side (without sun fading) – scraped, sanded, primed and sprayed them with high quality metal paint.

People who look at them often see a reflection of someone who has served our country.  As I look at them, I am reminded of the Korean monument in Washington DC.  They can easily be on patrol in WWI, WWII, Korea or in the jungles of Vietnam.  These are no ordinary soldiers.  They are the creation of Carrollton artist Gordon Chandler who used pieces of steel to weld the statues.

I’ll bet that most of you who are about my age ___ (old) will remember the little lead soldiers that we used to have as toys that we moved about as we waged imaginary war battles.  If you look closely, you will see a great resemblance in our three soldiers.  You see, Mr. Chandler largely based the three soldiers on those little lead soldiers.

After they were completed there was demand for them to be displayed at various events around the country.  After being deployed from California to Maine, the soldiers finally made the trip back to Carrollton and were (purchased and) dedicated in 2011.  They are now where they belong!

(Comments from the Dedication in 2011)"

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Don Levans said, "At 5:00 pm on May 8, the new Black Granite Index Pedestal was installed by Sammy Robinson at the Park.  It was paid for by a grant from the Eddie Cole family of $7,500.  This now provides for the placement of indexes for 8 of the new Walls of Honor.  In the future we will need another one to provide for the remaining walls ---- AND, I was informed yesterday that the cost for that one will be $9,000."  

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Don Levins said, “Bowdon Teacher Ronda Staples called and asked if she could bring her class to the do some volunteer work last Wednesday May 3rd.  The Grounds Committee (Wayne Driver. Tom Underwood and Ron Reinhold) met them and supervised the placing of pine straw on the terraces on the steep bank between the Park and the Roundabout.   This was a wonderful opportunity for us to not only provide a place to the students to contribute in a meaningful way, but to also provide them with tour of the Veterans Memorial Park and explanation of the mission and meaning of our wonderful Park.  It was thrilling to watch them search for names on the index that they might know and then rush to find a plaque on one of the Walls of Honor.”

Thursday, May 4, 2017


On Sunday, April 30, 2017, the Casimir Pulaski Chapter NSSAR and the Abraham Baldwin Chapter NSDAR came together to Dedicate the Memorial Wall honoring Revolutionary Veterans settling in Carroll County 1826-1840.

Invocation: Candace Rader, DAR
Presentation and Posting Colors: Georgia Society SAR Color Guard, Bill Palmer, Commander
Pledge of Allegiance: Tina Clune and Sandra Vierling, DAR
Welcome, Introductions and Remarks: George Wheeless, Donald Levans, David Jessel, Hon. Wayne Brown, Alice Robinson, and Brenda Jessel.
Unveiling the Memorial Wall: Joan Finch, Jim Swinson
Remarks and Presentation of Proclamation: Hon. Walt Hollingsworth
Prayer of Dedication: Bob Hilliard
Dedication Statement: George Wheeless
Biographies of Patriots: Mike Campbell
Presentation of the Wreath: Descendants of Revolutionary War Veterans
Rifle Salute: American Legion Post 143 Honor Guard
Taps: NSSAR Color Guard
Benediction: Marge Schulhof

Casimir Pulaski Chapter NSSAR President George Wheeless
Abraham Baldwin Chapter NSDAR Regent Alice Robinson
Candace Rader (left) and Violette Denney (Registrar)
Violette assisted Candace when she transferred her membership from Andrew Bogle Chapter, Tennessee to Abraham Baldwin Chapter on July 24, 2006.  She joined DAR in 1998.
Park President Don Levans, Mayor Walt Hollingsworth, Georgia State Registrar Brenda Jessel, and Joan Finch (1st Vice Regent of Abraham Baldwin Chapter).

Joan Finch, Flag Chairman Sandy Vierling, and 2nd Vice Regent Tina Clune.
Pledge of Allegiance lead by Tina Clune and Sandra Vierling.
Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park President Don Levans welcomes everyone.
Hon. Wayne Brown, President Georgia Society SAR.
Mayor Walt Hollingsworth (center) presents a Proclamation to  
Alice Robinson and George Wheeless
Mike Campbell (SAR Chapter Secretary/Treasurer) reads Biographies of the Patriots.
Georgia State Registrar Brenda Jessel and her husband David Jessell.  He is Regional 
VP Georgia Society SAR and Vice President General Germany Society.

 Presentation of the Memorial Wreath.
 Descendants follow the Memorial Wreath to the Wall of Honor.
Violette Denney, Johnnie Baldwin, Paula Steed, and Betty Morris. 
 Rifle Salute by the American Legion Post 143 Honor Guard:
 Ronnie Pate, Joe Harrod, Randy Purser, Steve McEwen, and Dale Robinson. 
 Retiring of the Colors
Boy Scouts Charlie Robinson, Ben Scholl, and Ray Higgenbothem distributed the 
programs and assisted wherever they were needed.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017



APRIL 19, 2017
Museum of the American Revolution Opening Ceremony American History TV presented live coverage of the grand opening of the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia. Speakers included former Vice President Joe Biden, historian David McCullough, and Cokie Roberts.

WOW, here is your opportunity to see and hear the Opening Ceremony of the Museum of the American Revolution!

Thursday, March 16, 2017


The Carroll County Board of Commissioners sponsored the Relighting of the Eternal Flame at the Carroll County Courthouse with Commission Chairman Marty Smith speaking.  Minister Alan Howard gave the invocation and Vietnam Veteran Dale Robinson led the Pledge of Allegiance and Kaleb Chambers of the Sons of the American Legion with Jesus Hernandes, Carroll County employee, lighting the flame.  The colors were presented by the American Legion Post 143.  Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park President Don Levans introduced uniformed veterans who represented the 330 from Carroll County who were Killed in Action in wars.  These 330 KIAs are listed on the Wall of Honor at the Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park.  Those participating included Levans, Robinson, George Wheeless, Darrell Smith, Bill Maddox, Frank Scott and Ronald Knowles.  Alice Robinson, Regent of the Abraham Baldwin Chapter was there representing the Daughters of the American Revolution.

The Flame was turned off during the construction of the new courthouse.

Chairman Marty Smich

CCVMP Pres. Don Levans