Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fountain Dedication 5-24-2008

"We dedicate this fountain to the veterans and their families, who
served this country honorably and gave us the freedoms we enjoy.
We honor their sacrifices and brave service. They are our heroes!"
"Almighty God, as we meet together, we pause to give you thanks
for your abiding presence in our country. We thank you for our
forefathers who established this great nation and gave us the
opportunity to live in freedom. Guide us and direct us to wise
decisions that we might continue the legacy left to us by all those
who, throughout our history, labored to preserve our American
Heritage and way of life. We pray your continual blessing
upon our veterans and armed forces. Protect us against all that
threatens our nation's welfare, and keep us always in your
warm embrace and loving care.
In your holy name we pray. Amen."

Fountain as it appeared in Early May 2008

Alford Rutherford is in the water laying bricks on the fountain. In the
background is Sammy Robinson installing black granite on the cement
walls. Check back often for more progress at the Veterans Park.