Thursday, January 29, 2015


Pictured on the left is Sammy Robinson with Larry Ferguson discussing the expansion.

Don Levans reported the following concerning the expansion of the Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park, “At the regular meeting of the CCVMP Association on Monday 1/26, President Levans explained the placement and process of construction for the six new walls being added to our wonderful park.  This possibility had been in our plans from the very beginning and our Architect Sandra Vierling already had preliminary plans in place.   The new walls essentially surround the Bell Tower and provide a permanent placement for the Fire Pit. This addition also adds a third entrance to the park.

In a meeting on 1/28 with our Contractor Larry Ferguson, who built the original walls, and Sammy Robinson, our contractor for monument work, and in agreement with Sandra Vierling and the Directors, it was decided that to be able to make the new walls completely compatible with the original walls, it would be necessary to remove the Bell Tower and the walkway to it, then bring in fill dirt to make the elevation correct. 

The construction process that is planned will proceed as follows:
1)  Sandra has approve the placement for the walls
2)  Larry will dig and pour the footings (with county inspection)
3)  He will then pour the walls to specifications and in agreement with Sammy
4)  Sammy will remove and anchor the tower to the corner of the park
5)  The county will remove the walkway and bricks
6)  The county will bring in fill dirt to the proper level
7)  Conduit to six new light poles will be installed
8)  The county will pour walkways to specification
 9)  Sammy will replace the Bell Tower to a new and centered
      location as directed by Sandra
10)  Landscaping will be completed

We have been blessed to have grant money in hand to accomplish the wall construction.
        --- $2,400 from the EMC Round-UP program
       ---- $5,000 from Sheriff Langley

As this work is in process, the Fundraising Committee will be busy soliciting the community for donations and grant monies for the following

Six new lights -- $6,000
New brass index plaque $4,000
Landscaping  $2,600
New black granite pedestals for more brass index plaques  $9,000
Concrete, brick and granite for walkways $10,000 (the county will donate the labor)
Weatherproof sound system $10,000

Members are asked to consider friends and family that might be willing to donate to any of these needs.  Maybe you might like to consider donating as well.

A donations of $500 or more qualifies you to have your name inscribed on the Contributor Wall of Honor as follows:
$500 to $999 - Bronze Level  
$1,000 to $9,999 – Silver Level
$10,000 to $19,999 – Gold Level
$20,000 and over – Platinum

For more information or to contribute call:
Margaret Johnson 678-906-5668
Don Levans 678-246-8446
Ronnie Pate 404-406-4721
Dale Robinson 770-854-4150
Rebecca Smith 770-546-4998
Charles Griffin 770-855-0291"