Thursday, July 19, 2012


On Wednesday, July 18, 2012, Violette was invited to attend The Golden K – Kiwanis Club breakfast at the Carrollton Presbyterian Church to receive a grant for the Veterans Memorial Park.  Lavern Holcombe presented the Park a check for $150 in response to a grant request to help pay for the Alphabetical Index Bronze Plaque for Walls of Honor Numbers 17 – 20.  We know The Golden K is all about “serving the children of the world” and we are proud that they recognize that we too serve our children by providing a place where they can participate in honoring our veterans and troops.  It is important for all our students to learn that we live in a free country because our ancestors were willing to fight for that freedom – freely giving their time, talent, and yes, even their lives when necessary to make sure the USA stays free.
Pictured from the left:  Martha Boyce (Emergency Shelter), Violette Denney (Veterans Park), Lavern Holcombe (Golden K), Sally Hale (Camp Sunshine), Roni Tewksbury (Neva Lomason Memorial Library), and Amanda Jeter (Rape Crisis Center)