Monday, February 23, 2009


Jim Carnes and his helper are busy planting 47 “Fire Power Nandina” bushes. The green leaves shift to a brilliant red color as summer shifts to fall and maintains this hue throughout the winter months. The Nandina will grow in direct or partial sunlight but will be noticeably brighter and lush with the greater amount of sun. These were chosen because they are hardy and disease resistant. The bush needs minimal care, adding to its value as both a landscape element and decorative plant. Also, variegated Liriope (grass-like leaves with cream-yellow edges and purple-blue flowers) was planted which will bloom all summer. Straw was added to cover the ground around the plants. In the background is the pavilion and beyond the sidewalk leads to the parking area. From the pavilion the walkway go to the fountain, then continues to the Walls of Honor. Plan to visit the park soon and mark your calendar for the May 23rd Memorial Day Program.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


The walkway has been finished and we are adding more shrubs and plants. (watch for more pictures.) Hollingsworth Concrete Products furnished the cement which we appreciate very much. We are grateful for the generosity of all who worked to make this possible. Visitors are welcome to visit the park anytime. God bless our Veterans and Troops with health and safety.


The entire area of the Veterans Park is Handicap accessible. Shown in the above picture is Larry Jennings and Sammy Robinson putting some final touches on the sidewalk to insure that you can go to any part of the Park in a wheel chair. Call 770-836-1111, 770-537-5438 or 770-832-0671 to place a Veteran on the Wall of Honor or to purchase a Memorial Brick for anyone.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


This week new sidewalks are being installed, going from the parking lot to the pavilion - thanks to the generosity and help of several patriotic citizens. Once this is completed we will add some beautiful polished black granite benches and more plants and scrubs. The park should be springing into full bloom in a few weeks and ready to welcome our veterans and friends. The park is open everyday and it is a symbol of our appreciation to our troops and veterans.