Sunday, November 9, 2008


We appreciate everyone coming to our Veteran’s Day Program. It was the best program we have ever had! There were many people involved in making it a success (to many to name names) and we are grateful to each one.

This was the program:
Welcome: Sam Pyle
Invocation: Bill Cowart
Flag Ceremony/Pledge: Central High, ROTC
National Anthem: Louanne Hutcheson
Music: Terry Lowry
Laying of Wreath: Ken Beckett, Pete Rowe, Frank Scott
Will Smith and Hugh Lee Young
Bag Pipe: Bob Miller
Introduction of Speaker: Norris Garrett
Speaker: Major Jean Youngblood
Closing Remarks: Norris Garrett
God Bless America: Louanne Hutcheson
Taps: Mike Jiles

Our thanks to the following:
Drinks: Compliments of Kroger & Coca Cola; Bill Head
Bleachers: AG Center & City of Carrollton P. & R.
Sound System: Chamber of Commerce, Daniel Jackson
Chairs: Almon Funeral Home
Cookbook Sales: Carolyn Stone & Violette Denney
Soldier Display: Sam Pyle
ROTC Commander: MSgt. Desphy
Memorial Wreath: Price Florist
Prisoners to move bleachers: Tom Burgess, County Warden
Portable Potties: Johnnie on the Spot
Display Tables: All who participated
Program & Welcome Committee: Jan Peters, Jo Garrett,
Larry & Joann Jennings.
The good citizens attending made it all worthwhile!