Wednesday, February 20, 2008

National Arbor Day Celebration at the Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park.

National Arbor Day was celebrated at the Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park with the planting of fifteen trees Tuesday, February 19, 2008. The trees were donated by the University of West Georgia Arboretum. The trees were selected by James Hembree, Grounds Supervisor of the University of West Georgia. Hembree is also a certified arborist. The heavy equipment and labor required for digging holes for the trees were provided by Kent Johnston of the City of Carrollton Parks and Recreation Department.
Sandra Vierling, a landscape architect, who is responsible for the landscape design for Phase II of the Park, was also present and participated with the planting.
This was truly a joint community effort with the Carroll County Master Gardeners, the Junior Master Gardeners, Veterans Memorial Park Committee, Girls Scout Troup 300 of Carrollton, and the Girl Scout Troup 316 of Villa Rica helping plant the trees.
A new Wall of Honor has just been installed as has a new granite sign for the Park. Plaques are now being acquired for an additional wall. Any one interested in acquiring a plaque can call 770-836-1111, 770-834-7085 or 770-832-0671. A water feature is in the early stages of being installed in Phase II.
It is wonderful that our community comes together to honor our veterans who gave or were willing to give so much for our freedom. Our Park is rapidly becoming the pride of West Georgia.
Many hands make work easier!

James Hembree prepared the ground for the 15 trees to be planted after he and Sandra Verling marked the spot for each tree.

Walls of Honor 15 and 16 during installation process.

Walls 15 and 16 in progress! We anticipate that these walls will be finished by the 1st of March. There are 96 veterans with their service record on these Walls of Honor. This makes a total of 768 veterans being honored for their service, in addition to the ones Killed In Action, which are listed on other special walls. Work is in progress on Walls 17 and 18. Call 770-836-1111 or 770-832-0671 for information about the park and adding a veteran to the Wall of Honor.

Walls of Honor 15 and 16 Installed

Caldon Cook, grandson of Veteran Park Contractor Sammy Robinson,
is shown on the National Arbor Day Celebration (2-19-2008) at the
Memorial Park. Caldon assisted in planting trees and he helped
install Walls of Honor 15 and 16 at the park. He is pictured 2nd from right.