Thursday, July 31, 2014


Those of us who frequent the Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park often may take it for granted, but over the years the inscription on the bricks along the walkways had gradually faded to the point where some were not readable.  Last year the Officers submitted a grant request to the Community Foundation of West Georgia for $1,000.00 to have these bricks restored. This was finally completed by the contractor on Wednesday July 30, 2014.  To accomplish this task requires sunshine and a dry surface which is hard to schedule and coordinate with the landscapers.  

These pictures were submitted with the grant request.  The top brick shows the results of years of wear and the lower one was recently installed.
This picture clearly shows what they looked like and why it was necessary to restore them.  Many of us were unhappy with our bricks being in such poor condition.  When someone pays for a Memorial Brick they like for it to be easily read.

Contractor Sammy Robinson and his employee are shown placing tape around the inscriptions before adding paint to the letters.

The new color has been added and now it has to dry completely before the process is finished.

Currently the bricks along the walkways look like this 
and can be easily read.  Plan a visit to the Park and 
enjoy this great improvement.  It is wonderful to have 
local organizations like the Community Foundation of 
West GA supporting our efforts as we continue to honor 
Veterans!  Anyone can buy a brick and have their name 
put on it or honor someone or even as a memorial gift. 
Bricks can still be purchased by contacting Ron Knowles 
at 404-747-9785.  Visit our blog  at  www.carrollcountyveteransmemorialpark. to learn more about the park.


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