Sunday, May 18, 2014


Chaplain Will Smith holds the distressed flag selected for the ceremonial burning with Wayne Driver on the right, who is watching over the fire pit.

West Georgia Young Marines are shown with some of the flags to be retired.

Chaplain Will Smith (left) waiting to be introduced by Park President Don Levans.
Carroll County Chairman of the Commissioners, Marty Smith, reads a proclamation declaring the day as "Norris Garrett Day" with a very surprised Past President Norris Garrett.  Garrett retired on December 31, 2013 after serving the Park since it very beginning as credentials chairman and 11 years as president.

The framed proclamation is being shared by Norris Garrett and Chairman Marty Smith.
 American Legion Chaplain Larry D. Boswell presided during the program.
 The distress flag it raised and lowered the last time before being retired.
 Wayne Driver played the bugle during the flag ceremony.
 This USA Flag is high over the park the for the last time.
 The distressed flag is removed from the flag pole.
 The flag is then delivered to the area for the separation of the stripes and the field of stars. 

The flag is prepared for the ceremony.

 Sam Pyle is using the scissors to separate the stripes and one by one they are delivered by Chaplain Will Smith to the Wayne Driver, who will be placing them in the fire pit.
 Chaplain Smith carefully delivers one piece at a time to Driver who will place each part in the fire pit for proper retirement.
After all the stripes are removed the entire field of blue with all the stars is delivered last.  The stars are never divided.
Chaplain Smith presents the Blue Field of Stars to Driver to be burned last.
Wayne Driver watches respectfully as the Field of Stars is consumed by the fire.
As the ceremony ends a new flag is raised over the Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park while all attendees stand at attention and pictured are some of the young Marines saluting.



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