Saturday, May 25, 2013


The Georgia American Legion POW/MIA Department presented the program “You Are Not Forgotten.”  The Chairman and 5th District Sgt. At Arms, William “Bucky” Jenkins introduced the Members: Narrator, Ron Mazzola, Post 304; Offering of Poem, Kathy Kennedy, post 29; Offering of Poem, Sybil Russell, Aux 29; Songs rendered by Nadine Asberry, Post 296; Table Ceremony, Ron Mazzola; Ceremonial Guards, Jerry Price and Tommy Cannon, Post 29; Graveyard Security, Ed Kennedy, SAL 29; Loved one Place of Honor, Tonya Cannon, Post 29 Aux; Remembrances offer by Nathan Conn- Post 111, “Bucky” Jenkins and Tommy Cannon, post 29; Taps by Jerry Price, Post 29.
 Don Levans, American Legion Post 143, welcomed everyone and introduced Chaplain Will Smith, who gave the invocation (left, standing).
Carroll County POW Hugh Lee Young was recognized for his sacrificial service to our country.  Behind him is today’s designated driver Randy Reinhardt - he is the one who provided Young with transportation to the Park.
William “Bucky” Jenkins is POW/MIA Department Chairman and 5th District Sgt. at Arm.
Narrator Ron Mazzola (left) and Singer Nadine Asberry are pictured while preparations were being made to start the program.  They both did an outstanding job.  All the songs were inspiring and performed to perfection!
Riders and motorcycles added interest and excitement to the program.
The riders lined the entrance way to escort the widow Mrs. Tonya Cannon (center) to the place of honor. (right side)
Riders (left side) waiting to escort the Loved one to the place of honor.
The POW/MIA ceremonial table including the empty chair to show they are not here with us.  The single rose signifies the blood they may have shed in sacrifice, to ensure the freedom of our beloved United States of America.  All the items displayed are reminders of the countless fallen tears of families, as they wait for their loved ones to be returned.

The presenter holds the flag close to his heart before giving it to the Loved One, Mrs. Tonya Cannon, while he repeated, “This Flag is presented to you on behalf of the President of The United States and a grateful Nation.”  The tolling of the Park Bell followed and then the 21 Gun Salute by the American Legion Post 143 Rifle Team.

Jerry Price performed Taps to appropriately end the program.


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