Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park Committee met November 26, 2013 at the AG-ED Center and President Norris Garrett presided.  He greeted everyone and asked the Chaplain Bruce Holley to have the invocation and then the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Larry Jennings.  Several items were discussed and chairmen gave their reports.  Garrett commended Larry Jennings for the Veteran’s Day program and thanked everyone for their support.  The suggestion was made to change the meeting time to 5 P.M. and the vote was unanimous.  There will not be a meeting in December and the January 2013 meeting will be at Horizon Bay for dinner on January 28th – the meeting time will be at 5 P.M.  Reservations should be made with Violette Denney, so an accurate count can be furnished to Horizon Bay.  It is always an honor to meet at their facility and be treated to dinner.

Larry Jennings, chairman of nominating committee, presented the slate of officers and they received a unanimous vote.  The 2013 officers are pictured from the left Vaughn Gaddis, Director; Bruce Holley, Chaplain and Director; Bill Maddox, S Secretary; Dale Robinson, Director; Ronnie Pate, Vice President; Norris  Garrett, President; and Violette Denney, Treasurer.  John Bassett was also elected to serve as a Director but he was not present for the picture.


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