Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Meeting called to order - Don Levans

Pledge to the Flag

Prayer Chaplain Holly

Welcome: Don Levans

Minutes: Joe Harrod

Treasurer: Rebecca Smith 

Membership: Gail Liggett
Presidents Report: Debrief the July 4th Parade
                  New Park Features update
                              Grant approved for KIA Feature
                              Eagle Scout project proceeding for MIA Feature
Brief Reports from Committee Chairs:

Credentials: Charles Griffin

Public Relations: Dale Robinson - Plans for Veterans Day

Web Coordinator : Don Castamore – www.ccvmp.org  

Events: Barry Gardner: Planning for 9/11 September 9 (What do we do?)
                                       Plans set for Veterans Day Saturday 11/11

Fund Raising: Margaret Miller

Grounds: Wayne Driver is Ill - Ron Reinhold - Grass Report

Veteran Organizations: Chuck Feaselman

CCVMP Blog: Violette Denney -  www.ccvmp.com  (then click on News/Blog) 
Good of the Association:   
Please stay a few minutes to help place the portable KIA Wall back on the front wall



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