Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park
Association Meeting
 Monday June 26, 2017

Meeting called to order Don Levans

Pledge to the Flag

Prayer Chaplain Holly

Welcome Don Levans

Minutes Joe Harrod

Treasurer Rebecca Smith –

Membership Gail Liggett
Presidents Report   WWI Centennial –HUGE SUCCESS! THANKS TO ALL
                                   New Park Features update
                                  Plans for the 4th Parade
Brief Reports from Committee Chairs ----

Credentials Charles Griffin

Public Relations Dale Robinson -- Plans for 911 and Veterans Day

Web Coordinator - Don Castamore –

Events Barry Gardner - Planning for 911 September 9
                                                Pre-planning for Veterans Day

Fund Raising – Margaret Miller

Grounds - Wayne Driver

Veteran Organizations - Chuck Feaselman

CCVMP Blog - Violette Denney --- (then click on News/Blog) 
Good of the Association  



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