Friday, August 12, 2016


Since our Abraham Baldwin Chapter is a Commemorative Partner with the Vietnam War Commemoration for the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War and our chapter is a member of the CCVMP, I visited the Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park and made pictures of the Park to share with every one - Park entrance, Killed-in-Action Wall, MIA/POW Wall.  I especially wanted to recognize the KIA from the Vietnam War from Carroll County – listed on our polished black granite Wall of Honor. 
During the Vietnam War years there was a great deal of unrest in our country.  We listened to the reports of battles occurring, our young soldiers dying, people demonstrating against it, and many young men avoiding the draft by going to Canada.  The men and women who served our country were oftentimes treated poorly.  They saw friends give their lives for this nation, and it was sometimes not fully appreciated.  Some of these veterans have not forgotten that treatment and it has affected their lives in many ways.  Participating in the Vietnam Commemoration gives us a chance to help heal these emotional wounds and thank them for their service.  We want to give these brave men and women the respect and honor they deserve.  We want them to know that we are a part of this grateful nations who appreciates them!
The Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park is located at 1050 Newnan Road, Carrollton, GA and it is open 24/7 – there are benches throughout the park for visitors to sit and remember their loved ones. 


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