Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Above (Attached) is a "picture of the picture" in the Times-Georgian this morning of
the riders gathered at CCVMP on last Sunday morning ---- Those who participated
had a great experience --- Margret and her team did a good job in planning
and administering the event ---- Even fed them a super meal at the
end of the ride at the Tallapoosa Memorial Park ---- Many said they hoped we
would "do it again" ----

Chuck Mulvey (of SCV Camp 165) has constructed two new
flag poles, now we just need to "plant them" beside the POW/MIA memorial
and CCVMP will have a permanent Purple Heart "fixture" -- Plus an improved
POW/MIA memorial.   Does anyone have a post hole digger and a little time?

FINALLY ---- Charles received yesterday the FINAL proof for the stencil for Wall 25
AND Sammy is "chomping at the bit" to get the sandblasting done.   The Revolution
Presence will also be in the "blasting".



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