Saturday, May 28, 2016


It was Saturday, May 28, 2016 and the Community came to remember our Veteran Heroes and to thank them for their service as well as honor those who never returned home.  The Walls of Honor were pointed out and the names inscribed were recognized as the ones who gave us Freedom!

Veterans and Patriotic Citizens started gathering early in anticipation of honoring our Veterans for their courage, bravery, and dedication to our country.  

Chair Barry Gardner introduced a Vietnam Veteran and we thanked him for his Service - just before the program started.

Sheriff Terry Langley was thanked for his continued support of the Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park.

Music by the Carroll Wind Ensemble with Director Terry Lowry.

Presentation of Colors by Carrollton High School JROTC.

Maggi Reese Hines, Carrollton High School.

National Anthem and God Bless America by Maggi Reese Hines from Carrollton High School.
Pictured from the left are Chaplain Bruce Holly, Mayor Hollingsworth, Hines, and Barry Gardner.

Laying of the Wreath by Carrollton High School JROTC and Veterans Organizations.

The American Legion Post 143 - Rifle Squad.  Taps!

Program Chair Barry Gardner mentioned World War 1 Events and introduced the Speaker, City of Carrollton Mayor Walt Hollingsworth.

Raising of the Colors and Piper Edwin Ivey

Dale Robinson said, "Guys, good job.  All I heard was compliments about the program."

Barry Gardner, said, "I echo Dale's comment . All I heard was "well done"! Once again through a lot of hard work and dedication, The Carroll County Veterans Memorial  Park Association has done an outstanding job. Veterans  and their families approached me after the ceremony with appreciation for our efforts and thanking us for a great ceremony and  for remembering Veterans. To all I said 'This was a total team effort.  All I had to do was talk'.

 I want to thank the events committee members for continuing to step forward and do whatever it takes to achieve success. Thanks to the " roadies", as they called themselves when I thanked them,  for picking up , putting down, picking up, and then  hauling away the chairs and tables.

Thanks to the ladies for handing out the poppies. Thanks to Wayne Driver and his " volunteer" grounds crew for sprucing up the Park.

 Thanks to you all. Barry."


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