Monday, November 2, 2015


Recently a group of extremely eager, willing and ready to work Honor Students from the University of West Georgia came for a service project.  It was planned for about 11 students to Wash Walls from 9 A. M. to Noon and buckets, hoses, brushes, etc. were ready.  However, approximately 26 came so the plans were changed and the group was divided into three teams.  More jobs were quickly organized.  On team removed walkway bricks that had shifted positions, repaired the base and applied new sand before replacing the bricks.  Another team repaired the grass sod that was damaged in the construction of the new sound system.
This turned out to be a wonderful improvement to the Park and those attending the Veterans Day program on November 7, 2015 will be able to view what was accomplished.
(Additional information received )
As written by Stacey Rowland 
UWG Manager of Honors College, 

The morning of Saturday, October 31, was most memorable as Honors College students from The University of West Georgia worked together with military veterans to clean-up the Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park in preparation for the upcoming Veterans Day event.  The service event began with a touching and inspirational history and overview of the park provided by the military veterans. Then 21 students and the veterans worked together in groups to wash the Walls of Honor, level the uneven bricks along the walk way, clean up the plant beds, and other activities as deemed necessary.  As a mom who has a son who is serving our country in the military, I was especially touched by the hard work and initiative of the students as they cleaned up the park.  The veterans also took time with the students to help them understand the importance of patriotism and to providing recognition to all those who have served or who are currently serving our country.   Thank you Honors College Students for volunteering your time!


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