Saturday, June 20, 2015


On June 20, 2015, the last day of Flag Week, Alice Robinson, Regent of the Abraham Baldwin Chapter NSDAR, welcomed everyone and thanked them for taking time to honor our USA Flag with a proper retirement. Wendy Quinn, DAR Chapter Chaplain, gave the opening invocation. The Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park President, Donald Levans shared information about the Park and the new Park Extension – which explains why sand piles are present but grass is not! The History of Flag Day was presented by George Wheeless, President of the Casimir Pulaski Chapter NSSAR.

The Retirement Ceremony was given by Larry Boswell, Chaplain of the American Legion Post 143.  The flag to be burned today was used to cover the casket of a veteran, who had no family and the flag was given to the Legion. 

DAR Regent Alice Robinson presented this flag to the American Legion Honor Guard Ron Knowles and he passed it to SAR member Jim Swinson – they saluted the flag as it was passed from one to the other.  The flag was then taken to the Flag Pole with the American Legion Honor Guard escorting with their rifles.

Jimmie Hosey (DAR) and George Wheeless (SAR) were already positioned at the Flag Pole.  They attached the flag to the rope.  Larry Boswell said, “This one flag has been selected to respect all flags.  It will now be raised for the last time.” Pictured: Wayne Driver, Jim Swinson, and Ronnie Pate.

 Every one attending stood while the Flag was raised and the Bugler plays “To the Colors.” Larry Boswell continued with comments about the Flag.  The Flag was lowered as the Bugler plays “Retreat.” Pictured: George Wheeless and Jimmie Hosey with Bugler to the right. The Flag was double-folded.  SAR Honor Guard (one on each end) carried the Flag to the burn area escorted by the American Legion Honor Guard. Upon reaching the burn area the Flag was handed off to the five member team (DAR members Martha Stapler, Susie Cooley, Jan Marlow, Gwyn Chesnut, and Wendy Quinn with Violette Denney cutting the stripes) and it was held so all attendees could see.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Tina Clune, DAR.  The Flag was now held horizontally by the five member team and SAR Jim Swinson stepped forward and saluted the Flag. As Larry went through his script the flag was cut by Violette Denney into strips and SAR Honor Guard, Jim Swinson, took each stripe to the burn pit and hands it to Ron Knowles.  With each stripe, Ron Saluted Jim and Jim returned the Salute.  The American Legion Honor Guard riflemen were on each side of Ron.

The Field of Blue was burned last. With all attendees standing Ron received the Field of Blue and the Bugler played “Taps.” 

Near the end of Taps Ron Knowles placed the Field of Blue into the Fire. Larry Boswell makes his final remarks about the retirement of the Flag.

Alice Robinson presented the new flag to be raised over the park.  This flag was flown over the  U. S. Capitol and secured for the Park by Congressman Lynn Westmoreland. Jim Swinson, George Wheeless, and Jimmie Hosey assembled back at the Flag Pole. Ron Knowles carried the new Flag to the Flag Pole with the Legion Honor Guard (rifle) escort.

The new Flag was raised over the Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park – THE Million Dollar Park!

Pictured in the back are Jim Swinson and George Wheeless – SAR
Pictured in the front are Wendy Quinn, Jan Marlow, Tina Clune, Alice Robinson, Violette Denney, Linda Mears, Susie Cooley, Martha Stapler, Jimmie Hosey, and Gwyn Chesnut - DAR


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