Friday, May 15, 2015


Information from President Don Levans

Walls and walkways are completed and the bell tower is in the center of the new wall "cluster".  The three soldiers are visible from the new entrance and Newnan Road and the fire pit is in its new position in the concrete walkway.
The light poles are waiting for the light fixtures to arrive at EMC. The ones that they had in stock were not compatible with the old lights so we decided to have them order the same fixture.  Because of this delay the Park will look much like it does now on May 23 for the Memorial Day service
Ronnie Pate was able to secure a donation of sod from North Georgia Sod Farms for over $3,000 worth of sod - AND the County has agreed to prepare the ground and lay the sod when we are ready. Installation will have to wait until we finish the light pole installation.
Sammy is having trouble locating bricks that are compatible with others in the Park. This is another reason for having to keep people out of the new section.
This morning's Times-Georgian had a good article about Memorial Day that included comments about the expansion and the fact that Southwire donated $7,500.  This is wonderful - BUT we need $30,000 MORE to do the things that we have on our list.
Dale Robinson, Barry Gardner and I will be on Community Voice on WLBB 1330 on your dial next Tuesday at 08:30 talking about the Park and the Memorial Day event.

Note from Violette Denney:  I made pictures today from the parking lot and from the entrance from the Health Center's parking lot.


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