Thursday, October 31, 2013


"HEART" ORU– Love Operation Round-Up

On August 7th it was a rather warm day – maybe even hot outside, but Carroll EMC Round-Up Foundation had a mighty COOL PARTY.  It was complete with ice cream, cupcakes, cookies, and cool drinks – for “favors” we received GRANT CHECKS, which was the answer to our prayers.  The Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park Committee appreciates the members of Carroll EMC participating in the program to help many non-profit organizations and make our community even better!  We plan to use our funds to provide a facility (Burn Pit) at the Park to retire old USA Flags that have served to represent our great Country until they are too worn to be a proper symbol of our Nation.  We plan to involve the Scouts, Home Depot has promised to help us, and this $2,000 grant will enable us to fulfill this need.  Having the programs at the Park we will be able to include different organizations in our area and the Veterans can teach the proper way to dispose of our National Symbol with dignity and honor!  Thanks again Carroll EMC O R U!

Pictured left to right are Foundation Trustee Linell Schultz, Park President Norris Garrett, and Park Treasurer Violette Denney.


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