Saturday, November 12, 2011


Violette Denney, as the Park treasurer, thanks you for your support – the Park is here because of you! Your contributions, donated items and volunteer hours total over one million dollars. So we can safely say we have a Million Dollar Park.

In DAR, we are all about service – one of our priorities is service to Veterans. Of course, this Memorial Park is special to me for lots of reasons. There are many of my family members and ancestors on these Walls of Honor.

As we dedicate the Bell Tower and Bell we know we have freedom because of the brave and courageous veterans who have taken their duty seriously and served their country with integrity and devotion. Veterans are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. They are our heroes. The bell as well as the entire park is our symbol of appreciation to our troops and veterans.

It does not matter what period of time, America’s veterans – past and present – remain number one. This is the “Land of the free and home of the brave” because of the veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.

May the sounds of freedom always remind us that Freedom is not free! We are blessed to have fine men and women who will suffer hardships, make sacrifices and perform unbelievable heroic acts for this sweet land of liberty. God bless America!

This bell is for all veterans and when it rings – it rings for them! VETERANS look (Larry Jennings rings bell), listen, the bell is ringing for you. Let freedom ring! The sounds of patriotism! God bless our Bell Tower, God bless our Veterans and may God bless America.


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