Friday, September 30, 2011


Here you can see sections of the Round-A-Bout have been added. This picture was made from the Veterans' Park looking down on the highway in the area where the entrance to the Park will eventually be. Grass and straw have been added, etc.

In this picture made from the Highway you can see the Bell Tower, Soldiers, and the walled corner and if you look closely you will be able to see that steps have been added in the center of the walls - I'm not sure who will be going from the highway to the park, but now they will have steps. Regardless, they look nice!
This is the best close up of the Bell Tower that I could get and get the entire tower. I backed up against a Wall of Honor and did manage to get the Bell Tower standing straight. It was hard to get good pictures in the bright sun.
Looking straight through the middle of the park from the fountain area you can see the Bell Tower in the background.
When I entered the park from the Health Department parking lot and walked toward the Walls of Honor I could hardly see the Bell Tower. I made pictures as I walked toward it from different features of the park. I guess I could have posted my pictures in reverse order but you can decide the order you want to view them and review them! Until next time, Violette


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