Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Marcella Correa led the Ithica Elementary School Choir in a musical prelude of patriotic songs. It was amazing how well the students performed considering the short time they had to prepare.

Bill Chappell, Chairman of the Carroll County Board of Commissioners, read the Proclamation honoring the innocent citizens who became victims of an “unprovoked, senseless act of terrorism.” The display in front of the podium was provided by John Bassett who is chairman of the Americanism Committee of the American Legion Post #143.

The Flag and Wreath ceremony was performed by the Carroll County Sherriff and Fire Departments Honor Guard Teams and they were accompanied by the Carrollton Police Bag Pipers.

Mimi Gentry sang the National Anthem and led the group singing of God Bless America. Post 143 Commander, Don Levans (left) and Daniel Jackson salute during the singing of the National Anthem.

Sheriff Terry Langley was one of the speakers and he reminded everyone to remember the Scripture about returning “Good for Evil” during our times of remembrance. DanielJackson, President and CEO of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce, is seated on the stage listening after he introduced the speakers.

The American Legion Post 143 Honor Guard Rifle Team – Three Memorial Volleys!


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