Thursday, February 23, 2017


Pictured from the left are Claudia Carter, and her father Bill Carter, Axelle Onfray, Christian Montcriol and Don Levans.

Recently Axelle Onfray, a 16-year-old French student, won a competition in her school system that earned her a three-week trip to Georgia to study about WW 1 families who had family members serve in France during the Great War.  This is the 100 Anniversary of the United States entering into WW1 and the Georgia WW 1 Centennial Commission suggested that they bring Azelle Onfray to Carroll County to see what we are doing to commutate the Centennial.  World War 1, the Great War, took place from 1914 through 1918. 

Christian Montcriol, a Frenchman living in Carrollton has been researching information about WW 1 Veterans who lived in Carroll County.  He has compiled a database of around 1,400 WW 1 Veterans who lived in Carroll County.
During Onfray’s visit, Claudia Carter and her father Bill Carter, acting has her host, joined Montcriot, and Park President Don Levans for a tour of the CCVMP.  Levans said, “This was a rare and very eventful gathering, having a person of only 16, so interested in this huge historical event in the presence of Christian Montcriol who has devoted so much time and effort to researching our local WW 1 Veterans.”


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