Saturday, May 23, 2009


Veterans who participated in the program. This picture was taken
during the singing of God Bless America.
Mike Jiles played Taps in front of the Memorial Wreath under the
lowered Flag of the U.S.A.

Wayne Waddell spoke to us about his military career and some of the experiences he had in Vietnam as a prisoner of war. He reminded everyone that Memorial Day is a special time to show our appreciation and teach our children what true patriotism really is.

Jim Crawford came from his retirement home in Florida for this special occasion and dedicated the new Pavilion to all the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters of Veterans who have served their country, especially those Killed-In-Action who gave the untimate sacrifice. May we never forget - freedom is not free.

Mimi Gentry saved the day by singing the National Anthem. It is wonderful to have talent and even more wonderful when you use it without hesitation. Thank you, Mimi.
From the very beginning, it was great. The Carrollton High School ROTC did an excellent job!


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