Thursday, May 17, 2007

Why should I support the CCVMP?

Every patriotic American certainly has a deep feeling and appreciation for their family members, friends and ancestors, who have served this Country, preserved our freedoms and passed to us this precious land.
Why should I support it?
1. It will provide you an opportuniey to be part of this memorial and you will derive a sense of purpose in its establishment.
2. Your efforts will help raise the necessary funds to make this Community symbol of our patriotism a reality.
3. The Park will be a place where you can go to read the names of our county veterans and especially note those who have died in defense of our country.
4. You will realize this is a place for solemn reflection, prayerful dedication to our country, its ideals and freedoms and remember those listed on its walls, especially those on the Killed in Action Walls.
5. You will know this place is for everyone and it will be standing proudly long after we are gone. It will continue to tell of our gratitude.
6. You will contemplate which of your children, relatives and maybe even yourself may be listed on these walls and what heroic deeds will have been performed.
7. BECAUSE IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. After viewing this memorial, we will always remember: "FREEDOM IS NOT FREE"



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